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Breast Augmentation Newport Beach, Orange County California


Women desire enlargement of their breasts for a variety of reasons. Some individuals feel that their small breasts limit their fashion choices. Others are dissatisfied with the changes in the shape, size, and feel of their breasts after undergoing weight fluctuations, pregnancies, and aging. Whatever your reasons for wanting breast enlargement, breast implant surgery can enhance your self-image and restore your confidence.

Breast augmentation enlarges a woman’s breasts through the surgical placement of breast implants. Breast implants improve fullness and projection of the breasts and restore symmetry.

The most common incisions used for breast augmentation by Dr. Lee are periareolar (the edge of the areola or the pigmented skin surrounding the nipple) and inframammary fold (near the crease under the breast). (Figure A)

The implants are placed in a pocket either underneath the breast gland or beneath the pectoral muscle. (Figure B) The positioning of the implants in either of these pockets is dependent on patient desire, anatomy, and surgeon’s preference.

The results are immediate. The implants will “ride high” early in the postoperative period and settle to their more natural and permanent position in the weeks to follow.

Figure A
  Figure B


Dr. Lee's postoperative instructions for breast augmentation

  1. Your breasts are wrapped with an ACE wrap. Leave the wrap on for 72 hours. If the wrap is too tight, you can undo the ACE bandage and rewrap it more loosely. But, the ACE bandage should be snug and provide support for your new breasts. Also, the ACE bandage should cover the entire upper, middle, and lower breast. DO not wear it like a tube-top with cleavage showing up top. After 72 hours, you can take the ACE wrap off and shower. Your incisions should be covered with a water-tight, clear bandage. If water gets in underneath, take the entire bandage off and leave it open to air. There is surgical tape over the incision line and these should stay on even in the shower. After the shower, you should wrap your breasts with the ACE bandage again. Absolutely no baths or swimming for 3 weeks. Showering is OK after 72 hours.

  2. Take medications as directed. Do not take aspirin, anti-inflammatory medications (Motrin, Ibuprofen, Alleve) or Vitamin E supplements for 2 weeks after surgery.

  3. No driving while under narcotic medications for pain.

  4. Ask Dr. Lee in your first follow-up visit regarding going back to work.

  5. You should sleep on your back for 2 weeks following surgery.

  6. Avoid alcohol or cigarette smoking for at least 3 weeks following surgery.

  7. Call and make a follow-up appointment for 7 days following surgery.

  8. Do not raise your arms over the level of your shoulder for 3 weeks. Do not pick up objects heavier than a phone book.

  9. Bring a sports bra to your first follow-up visit. You will be able to wear a sports bra after Dr. Lee examines you in the office. NO underwire bras for 3 weeks.

  10. Your breasts will be high-riding, giving you lots of upper breast cleavage in the first 3 weeks, but the breast implants will settle over the first 3-6 weeks to a more natural position.

  11. Do not apply a heating pad over your breasts. Portions of your breasts will be numb and you may get a burn from the heating pad. Cold packs in the first 48 hours following surgery is OK and may help to keep the swelling down. Apply cold packs over the ACE wrap, not directly over the breasts and nipples.

  12. Scar therapy for your incisions will start at 2 weeks following surgery. Dr. Lee will instruct you regarding scar creams.

  13. Keep your incision out of the sun. Sun exposure will make your scars red, raised, and persistently irritated for a long period of time. Make every effort to avoid the sun for up to 1 year following surgery. You can cover up the incision with sun screen (SPF 15 or above) or clothing.

  14. You may return to normal activity and exercise at 3 weeks following surgery.

  15. You may feel “funny”, tingling sensations over your breasts a few weeks after surgery. It may affect one breast more than the other. This is normal recovery of some sensory nerves in your breasts.

  16. If you are constipated, take over-the-counter laxatives. You do not want to strain over the toilet. This may lead to your blood pressure rising and cause bleeding.

  17. Call with any questions or concerns. Dr. Lee is available through the office phone number 24/7. Don’t ever feel badly about calling.

  18. Report to Dr. Lee immediately if: A temperature of 100 degrees or above, excessive bleeding, excessive pain, enlargement of one breast associated with increased pain, bruising, and/or tightness. Should you experience any of these symptoms after normal business hours, call the office number and ask to have Dr. Lee paged immediately. Otherwise, call the office at (949) 548-9312.

For breast augmentation in Newport Beach, Orange County California contact this board certified plastic surgeon.


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